Lumberville - Raven Rock (1835-1947)

Lumberville-Raven Rock

The Lumberville Bridge was the last wooden covered bridge to cross the Delaware River between Easton and Trenton.

A sawmill originally sat on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge and in 1814, so the settlement was called Lumberville. The Lumberville Delaware Bridge Company opened its covered bridge between Lumberville and Raven Rock in 1856. The original covered bridge was 705 feet long with five spans, including a span over the canal on the Pennsylvania side.

The original bridge also had two driveways and footwalks. It cost $18,000 to build. One of the bridge’s spans was lost in the October 1903 flood and replaced with a section of steel.

The Joint Bridge Commission bought the bridge and made it toll-free in 1932. But the commission declared the bridge unsafe in 1944 and it was closed to vehicular traffic. In 1947, a steel suspension walking bridge from the Roebling Company replaced the covered bridge. It now sits on the original covered bridge piers and abutments.