Lower Trenton (1806-1876)

Morrisville - Trenton

The second covered bridge built in America was designed by Theodore Burr.

Built by the privately owned Trenton Delaware Bridge Company, the Lower Trenton or Decatur Street Bridge opened on January 30, 1806. The original bridge had five spans of wood construction, totaling 1,025 feet, at a cost of $180,000.

Each span was covered by a wooden roof arched laterally, but the sides of the bridge were open, and not covered. In later years, a second bridge was added next to the original that carried trains.

In 1824, the Marquis de Lafayette took part in a parade on the bridge in his honor, as Americans paid tribute to Lafayette on his return visit to the young nation.

In 1875 the original toll bridge was replaced by an iron bridge designed by Joseph Wilson.