Uhlerstown - Frenchtown (1844 - 1933)

Uhlerstown - Frenchtown

The location of the Uhlerstown Bridge was at one of the earliest known ferry services across the Delaware River in Bucks County. The London Land Company operated a ferry there in 1741.

Colonel Arthur Erwin later acquired the ferry, and it was reportedly used by British and American troops for crossings during the Revolutionary War between Frenchtown (on the New Jersey side) and Pennsylvania.

Ferry service stopped there when the Alexandria Delaware Bridge Company opened its wooden bridge from Uhlerstown to Frenchtown in 1844. Its length was 962 feet with six spans.

The Uhlerstown River Bridge survived the great October 1903 flood, but two spans on the New Jersey side were lost, and later replaced with steel structures.

In 1931, the Joint Bridge Commission replaced the remaining wooden sections with steel truss bridge elements. The covered bridge piers were repaired and still remain under the current steel bridge.